Beach Buggy on Sand, Beach Wagon In Action!

Baby Beach Buggy is the ideal beach wagon for sandy vacations!

No more struggling with bulky bags and carts that get stuck in the sand.

The Baby Beach Buggy is a novel, functional beach wagon solution to transport your family and your gear to the beach.

The beach buggy is a customized wagon that features special tires which glide easily over any surface, making your trek to the beach a real vacation!

Prices vary based on configuration.

Optional Features

  • Baby seat with three-point harness for added safety
  • Baby seat covers
  • Sun shade canopy
  • Wood railings
  • Terrain specific wheels:
    • Polyurethane 30cm PU  (11.8" X 7" ) Balloon Beach Wheel for Baby Beach Buggy Beach Wagon

      Baby Beach Buggy with Balloon Beach Tire.

      Wheels are equipped with unique, pliable, pneumatic tires that roll, even glide, over soft sand, turf and other challenging terrain. Low pressure tires make it easy to roll heavy loads in the beach buggy wagon over unstable/uneven ground. These balloon wheels will not sink or plow into soft ground. Great for use on delicate surfaces preventing indentations, as well as providing shock-absorbing qualities. Polyurethane 30cm PU  (11.8" X 7").
    • Baby Beach Buggy Beach Wagon with  All-terrain 13 inx5.00-6. pneumatic tire and wheel.
    • Baby Beach Buggy with All-terrain Tire.

      13" X 5.00-6. pneumatic tire and wheel.

Baby Beach Buggy is already in the Wildwoods of Southern New Jersey. Looks for our wagons at a beach near you!

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